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Horizontal Cladding Systems

It all starts with a bracket

NVELOPE horizontal cladding brackets come in standard dimensions of 120-300mm - A vertical bracket is converted to a horizontal bracket by rotating it 90 degrees and adding an NVELOPE horizontal bracket brace bar (HBBB) - The number of brace bars will be determined according to the application.

See 'project builder' - each bracket has 40mm of adjustment.

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A simple cladding support system typically consists of ‘helping hand’ brackets which are fixed to the substrate at set vertical and horizontal separations.

There are vertical brackets (these will be used in the majority of cases) and horizontal brackets.

Profiles are then fixed into brackets. Profiles are usually vertical - ‘L’ rails (normally used at intermediate locations) and ‘T’ rails (normally used at panel joints) profile in section, although they can be more complex to accommodate different cladding panels.

NVELOPE cladding brackets are made of aluminium EN AW-6063 T6 (former designation AlMgSi 0,5 F25) and comply with BS EN 755 as well as the common regulations for ventilated façades in Europe.

NVELOPE vertical cladding brackets come in standard dimensions of 40-300mm and in two sizes (single and double) - each bracket has 40mm of adjustment.

HB Single Horizontal Bracket

Size (mm)

6.5mm (slots / widget) For steel / timber frame

11mm For concrete block

Single Horizontal Bracket


VB120S-6.5 + HB-BB120S

VB120S-11 + HB-BB120S


VB150S-6.5 + HB-BB150S

VB150S-11 + HB-BB150S


VB180S-6.5 + HB-BB180S

VB180S-11 + HB-BB180S


VB210S-6.5 + HB-BB210S

VB210S-11 + HB-BB210S


VB240S-6.5 + HB-BB240S

VB240S-11 + HB-BB240S


VB270S-6.5 + HB-BB270S

VB270S-11 + HB-BB270S


VB300S-6.5 + HB-BB300S

VB300S-11 + HB-BB300S

Range of Adjustment (Single / Double - 6.5mm / 11mm)

Size (mm)

Min (mm)

Max (mm)






















6.5mm holes (suitable for steel and / or timber substrates) / 11.0mm holes (suitable for block / concrete substrates) NVELOPE isolators: Included as standard - if isolator not required reduce dimensions by 5mm

Vertical range of adjustment

NVELOPE profiles attach to the brackets by a combination of fixed and flexible points to allow for dead loads and for dynamic load. Flexible points are vital due to the differing thermal performances of the materials being combined.

Dead loads and dynamic loads and expansion and contraction must be taken into account. The façade has, in effect, to be able to float on the sub-construction. This means that every single element of the façade construction must have only one fixed point while all the other fixing points must be executed as floating or moving points.

Fixed point, brackets and profiles are connected by the round holes in the bracket. The fixed point absorbs both vertical weight loads and horizontal wind loads.

Flexible point, bracket and profiles are connected at the elongated holes in the brackets. The primary function of the flexible point bracket being to absorb dynamic horizontal wind loads.

Based on a preliminary survey of the wall and architectural/structural design, a grid layout for the sub-frame is first prepared. The brackets (with the insulating pad) are fixed to the substrate wall using stainless steel fixings of appropriate size as determined by design - the pull-out value of the fixings for securing the brackets to the wall should be determined on site from the characteristic pull-out strength and appropriate safety factor as given in BS 5427-1 : 1996.

The rails are clipped into the brackets and, after adjustment for line and level, are fixed to them using self-drilling stainless steel screws.

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All products are made in the UK

All products are made in the UK

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