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U-values are the starting point when specifying thermal effects of the building envelope. Rainscreen subframe brackets are a potential source for 'Thermal Bridging' or more accurately termed 'Thermal Point Loss' within a façade.

To help identify the optimised solution, SFS have Project Builder and Thermal Builder which can support and offer guidance with regards to reducing the thermal impact by taking your project details and create specific ther¬mal calculations. Based on your project’s unique wall build-up configuration, we can dynamically calculate the required insulation depth to achieve your target U value.

NVELOPE Thermal Solutions
Optimised solutions, superior performance

Bridging the thermal performance gap.

National building regulations set targets for energy efficiency, where a vast majority of UK buildings contribute to the performance gap. This is where they use more energy than was predicted during assessment. Disparity between as-designed and as-built must be addressed, with construction components and systems developed to help bridge the thermal performance gap and where ever a suitable non-combustible material is available it will almost always be appropriate to use. SFS have reacted proactively to these call to actions.


Energy efficiency legislation

  • Climate Change Emergency announced by UK government 2019
  • Climate change act 2008 commits UK to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050
  • UK is a signatory to 2015 Paris agreement


Future standards

  • Approved document L sets standards for energy performance of new and existing buildings in England
  • Thermal efficiency as expressed as U values will continue to improve to meet energy efficiency targets

SFS Nvelope Bracket Product Range

Finding the right solution for your project

To reach the correct thermal design for your project, you need to consider a number of key areas including: fire safety, thermal performance, heat loss, sustainability of materials, physical constraints, location and budget. Which is why, to achieve the correct thermal solution for your project that balances all the key areas can be tricky. Introducing the innovative SFS NVELOPE® Thermal Solutions range which makes this process much easier. Our Thermal Solutions operate across the wide range of NVELOPE® rainscreen subframe systems and utilises the proven technology of Project Builder Thermal to help projects to be optimised for performance and budget.

SFS have been able to create high performing solutions that guard against thermal degradation due to compression of the thermal pad, ensuring no loss in thermal performance over time. NVELOPE® Thermal Solutions range is created in both Aluminium and Stainless Steel brackets which offer differing thermal properties. Whether a lower or a higher thermal performance is required, we have the flexibility to fine-tune your project requirements.

Our solutions offer a range of thermal performances from good to exceptional, balanced against budget requirements. Supported by our Project Builder calculator, careful selection from the range can effectively reduce the thickness of insulation thereby reducing overall costs.


Features & Benefits


To reduce the risk of incorrect installation helping to save you time and re-work or assembly onsite.

Project Builder solutions

Project Builder was built to make your job easier. It is the leading software of its kind on the market today and is free to use. The software provides system specifications and budget costing for your project, often within 24hrs. Project Builder makes specifying the right solution simple, providing a free project-specific PDF complete with: List pricing per M2, static calculations, NBS specification and thermal values. Enabling budget and thermal performance to be optimised.

Overlay and optimised cutting service

NVELOPE Thermal Solutions further optimises efficiencies through the overlay and improves cutting service - reducing time and material waste on site by cutting rails to the specific lengths you need.


Full technical support

As with all NVELOPE products we offer full technical support.


Reducing the performance gap

Non-compressible insulation pad on the NVELOPE VB+Thermal, NVELOPE HB+Thermal and the NVELOPE NVS+Thermal products reduces the effects from thermal degradation due to compression of the insulating pad. This helps to reduce the performance gap from design to real world installation.



As with all NVELOPE products we offer an industry leading warranty.

SFS Nvelope Bracket Product Range

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